Queen of Paradise

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Corbett is like an aged timeless spirit. A taste & you are addicted. Every turn, every hillock, every road , the grasslands, the marshlands add notes of unbelievable beauty. The lesser Himalayan & Shivalik mountain ranges stand tall & imposing as sentries , guarding this animal kingdom. The sambar road in winter is a sight unlike another. Lantana growing wild with the flowers lending bursts of colour. Bluest of blue skies streaked amber by the sun and trees painted in gorgeous shades of green. Flowing serenely like elixir from the very heavens lies the Ramganga. Pristine waters, jewel coloured marine life held close to her bosom & beautiful smooth stones in every shade of white cradling her divine form. It is paradise on earth. Ruling paradise is an exquisite Tiger Queen . Her regal lineage shone bright in her countenance. Graceful lines of her flawless form & the turn of her face , she is undoubtedly the queen of all she surveys. Her subjects stand humbled by beauty .
Madonna or Eve , she has me intoxicated for sure.
– Corbett through my lens..

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  1. I enjoyed visiting your website, best thing to happen on a dreary January day. Truly beautiful work in pictures and words. I am reminded of Corbett’s books from your descriptions. Wishing you more travels and adventures.

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